Dan Turkel


Dan Turkel dot com was written in regular old HTML and fancy new-fangled Sass using MacVim on my aging MacBook Pro. The typefaces used on the site are Montserrat and Georgia. No HTML or CSS frameworks were used to make this site, everything was written from scratch.

I do use Hammer to compile my pages from HTML subpages so that, for example, I can edit the nav-bar and have that change automatically propagate across each page. Cool, right? All of the actual markup is handwritten, the software just helps me from having to repeat myself and tediously mass-replace outdated boilerplate. This dynamic tech is done locally; everything on the site is static (except for JavaScript-obfuscated email address links to prevent spam).

The site is also responsive! That's a web design buzzword for saying it should look good on different devices and in different window sizes. It was designed in the hopes that the text will be readable no matter what, since this site is primarily a writing portfolio.

If you come across an issue, feel free to drop me a line at .