Dan Turkel


While there’s not too much to put here yet, I’ve done a few pieces of math related work that I think are decent enough to share. I hope to create more to put here in the future.

  • Calculus Formulæ - Made during a high school BC Calculus course and modified only slightly since then, I made this LaTeX document as a) a way for me to learn LaTeX and b) a way to keep straight the massive ton of new information being shoved into my brain at the time. I still have to look back at it every once in a while to remember one of those pesky trig identities. (2009-2010)
  • Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital Conversion of Audio (PPT) - An independent research project during my senior year of high school, this presentation gives a basic introduction to how audio is stored digitally and then discusses the means by which the analog sound waves of the real world are stored digitally and then, as if magically, restored to analog waves. (Spring 2011)
  • Multivariable Calculus Formulæ - Similar to the above Calculus Formulæ above, created during my Multivariable calculus class to study for the final. (Fall 2011)

At the college level, I have taken Calculus III (multivariable), Abstract Linear Algebra, Real Analysis I and II, Complex Variables, Abstract Algebra I, Surfaces & Lower Dimensional Geometry, Point-Set Topology, (graduate) Algebra, and Numerical Linear Algebra.