Dan Turkel


I put lots of cool stuff up on this site that doesn’t necessarily have a place to go, so I’ve collected this website’s miscellanea in one place for your perusal, in no particular order. Enjoy.


Info on this website and the tools and technologies used to make it. It previously had the honor of being in the nav-bar, but it is now being relegated to the miscellanea—how sad. Check it out if you’re interested in (web) design.

Poignant Craigslist Posts

I frequently find myself reading personal ads on Craigslist. You never really know what you’re going to find. I have a habit of cataloguing the more profound postings, and I present some for your consideration.

An Instagram Project

An essay I wrote about the way I got into taking out-of-focus photos on Instagram, and a handful of those photos too. I wrote this and then never showed anyone, so I present it to you now with an added addendum.


Soon enough this will make itself to the main nav-bar menu, but right now it’s still a work-in-progress as I add more info and images and projects. If you like design, take a look at some of the various projects I’ve worked on.

Peanuts in 1000 Words

Not sure where this idea came from, but I decided to take a Peanuts strip and write it out in one thousand (ish) words. It ended up being exactly what it sounds like, and I’m okay with that.