Dan Turkel

About me

My name is Daniel Gregory Turkel and I was born in the sleepy commuter town of Chappaqua, New York. I graduated in 2015 from Tufts University in Somerville, Mass where I studed math and English. I’m particularly interested in analytical and abstract mathematics rather than applied or calculation-based work, and I love 20th-century literature and postmodernists.

In my spare time, I love to learn about architecture, listen to music, tinker with my phone, read Reddit, take photos (though not enough these days), and dabble in web and graphic design. I’ve redesigned this website more times than I care to recall.

I try to fill this site with things I’m proud of or that I want to share. Plus, it’s a great exercise for playing with web-design and typography. There’s more info about the site itself in the perhaps unnecessary colophon.

I have a bunch of accounts on various social networks and websites where you can feel free to stalk me.

Or, if you're looking to hire me, feel free to check out my LinkedIn or my resume.

And, of course, you can email me at .

Lastly, I’m colorblind, an EMT, really into ginger ale, and a bit of a nerd.

Photo of me