I spent about half of my childhood in Chappaqua, New York, and the other half on the web.

I studied math and English literature at Tufts University in Medford, MA. After graduating I worked at Business Insider as a breaking news reporter (and got my Twitter account verified for it) but realized I was not bound for an illustrious writing career—I left and did odd jobs at a museum of miniatures in Times Square for a while.

Following some soul-searching, I found my way to Rent the Runway where I started out doing analytics for the subscription team and eventually landed on the data science team working on product recommendations. I learned a ton from my time there and stayed on part-time while I got my master’s in data science from NYU.

I recently started a new role on the recommender team at Hinge, where my work helps to send people on great dates.

I live in Brooklyn.

If you’d like to say hi, free to reach out via email.

This site

This site is built using a lovely Python static site generator called Pelican. JavaScript is kept to a minimum: KaTeX is included on some pages to render math equations and Plausible is used for privacy-protecting, cookieless analytics.

I designed the site layout and theme with Jinja and Sass, but I stood on the shoulders of giants. The typographic rhythm comes courtesy of Jeremy Church’s Type Scale tool and Sindre Sorhus’ modern-normalize CSS reset helps set some sane defaults. The syntax highlighting uses the tango theme from Pygments, ported to CSS by Rich Leland. The favicon is Twitter’s Milky Way emoji, which is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

While designing this site, I took inspiration from a ton of other creative sites. I save much of my inspiration here, but I’ll give special credit to Tom MacWright, Tania Rascia, Derek Meer, Tim Head, Caylee Betts, Guillermo Rauch, Lingyi Hu’s “Er” theme for Hugo (screenshot), and Leon Bambrick’s HTML Quine.